Dev Post 5 : Hacking system

zzzzApologies once again for ruining the reveal schedules. Normal life and a work where we can solely work on the game never seem to mix; nevertheless here is the update on the hacking system as has been promised in Dev Post 3.

The hacking system is a pretty simple one, not overtly complicated like lockpicking systems in traditional RPGs. All you got to do, is get close to a object that can be hacked into (can be cameras, turrets, doors, or security consoles). Depending on your hacking skills, get past security doors, in order to gain access to otherwise unreachable areas. Or turn it on your enemies, and use your hacking skills to turn turrets on enemies in a room you won’t otherwise be able to sneak through or try to clear up manually. Or gain knowledge of the enemies in a room by tapping into the security cameras.

Simplistic, yet it gives rise to otherwise unexpected outcomes, allowing you to make it past places where you won’t be able to make through otherwise.

Check out the hacking system here.


Dev Post 4 : Dragging dead bodies (and apologies for the late post!)

First of all, sorry for not updating the blog for quite some time. We’ve been busy with our lives plus the hectic development schedule, as work on the game progresses.

Today, we’ll be showing one of the stealth mechanics which help you maintain your ‘hidden’ status in Adam’s Ale. Yup, it’s the age old practice of dragging bodies into cover. Guards see dead bodies out in the open, they immediately react to it. Set an alarm, and openly search for you. That’s almost never desirable,right?

Just hide the bodies – watch how to do so here.

In the next post we’ll cover:

  • New 2D Lighting System
  • Disguising
  • Hacking System
  • AI Dead body detection
  • UI Improvements
  • Intractable objects

Dev Post 3 : AI Sound Detection

The AI of Adam’s Ale becomes stronger as development progresses. The AI gets new functionality! It now responds to the player’s motions, and the noise he makes when he moves.

In other words, there is a sound system is in place now, meaning that a player always makes sound, sometimes greater, sometimes lesser. Certain types of enemies can hear you when you make the least sound, while others will be less receptive to your sounds. Footsteps, guns, projectiles, and many other ways can be used for generating sound. Check out the sound detection system here.

The real stealth professional uses the sound to their advantage. Use the sound to distract enemies, or draw enemies out of places to kill them, and then access otherwise inaccessible places (which might have good stuff *spoiler alert!*)

In the next dev blog post, we would be discussing  :

  •        Dead Body Dragging
  •        Disguising
  •        New lighting system
  •        Intractable objects
  •        AI improvements


Dev Post 2 : AI (light-intensity based visibility)

The AI of Adam’s Ale has received new changes. Now it has changed visibility based on the intensity of light available in areas. This adds a new depth to the strategy involved while playing the game.

If the explaining itself isn’t simple enough, in areas with low light, enemies have difficulty seeing you, while in well-lit areas, you are more easily detected, and hence need to be in hiding for a longer period of time, or just take the aggressive path out. Check out the visibility feature here.

Previously the visibility (Line of sight) was only affected by weather the light in particular zones (which we called light clips) being on or off. What the new system does is that it follows a process to measure the light intensity at the point where the AI Entity is and multiples that by a visibility constant.

Features coming up  soon:

  • AI Sound detection
  • New UI
  • Hacking system
  • Inventory

Dev Post 1 : AI update + new whistling mechanism!

As we proceed on our journey to complete a legendary platformer for you guys, we show you various elements from the game that seeks to make it truly revolutionary (totally not narcissistic when we say that). Today, we’re going to showcase an example of how the primitive AI in the early alpha stages of the game were changed to a slightly better version of itself, which adapts to the player’s presence. The dynamic nature of the AI is one of the first deviations from modern platformers that seek to make the game truly versatile in terms of the player’s approach to their objectives.

We also have a new whistling system, dedicated to the same “choose-your-own-playstyle” objective that we have from the beginning of development. The whistling mechanism allows the player to distract enemies and come up with some unique tactics. Also, if you are the rough guy, be prepared to shoot the enemies, or take them down sneakily from the shadows.

Check out the mechanism here.




KNOB Games (ie, us) officially announce Adam’s Ale

From a small team of enthuastic developers, comes a game like you’ve never seen before (atleast we hope you haven’t). Adam’s Ale is a 2.5D side-scrolling stealth platformer shooter, with an enchanting dystopian neon cyberpunk theme and a re-imagined pixel-art art style like never before. All while making allocations for every player’s playstyle, allowing them to approach the story in their own way.

In the weeks to come, we’ll be posting screenshots of gameplay and mechanics implemented that truly seeks to make Adam’s Ale different from all platformers any gamer could have played. Stay tuned!