Dev Post 1 : AI update + new whistling mechanism!

As we proceed on our journey to complete a legendary platformer for you guys, we show you various elements from the game that seeks to make it truly revolutionary (totally not narcissistic when we say that). Today, we’re going to showcase an example of how the primitive AI in the early alpha stages of the game were changed to a slightly better version of itself, which adapts to the player’s presence. The dynamic nature of the AI is one of the first deviations from modern platformers that seek to make the game truly versatile in terms of the player’s approach to their objectives.

We also have a new whistling system, dedicated to the same “choose-your-own-playstyle” objective that we have from the beginning of development. The whistling mechanism allows the player to distract enemies and come up with some unique tactics. Also, if you are the rough guy, be prepared to shoot the enemies, or take them down sneakily from the shadows.

Check out the mechanism here.





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