Dev Post 2 : AI (light-intensity based visibility)

The AI of Adam’s Ale has received new changes. Now it has changed visibility based on the intensity of light available in areas. This adds a new depth to the strategy involved while playing the game.

If the explaining itself isn’t simple enough, in areas with low light, enemies have difficulty seeing you, while in well-lit areas, you are more easily detected, and hence need to be in hiding for a longer period of time, or just take the aggressive path out. Check out the visibility feature here.

Previously the visibility (Line of sight) was only affected by weather the light in particular zones (which we called light clips) being on or off. What the new system does is that it follows a process to measure the light intensity at the point where the AI Entity is and multiples that by a visibility constant.

Features coming up  soon:

  • AI Sound detection
  • New UI
  • Hacking system
  • Inventory

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