Dev Post 3 : AI Sound Detection

The AI of Adam’s Ale becomes stronger as development progresses. The AI gets new functionality! It now responds to the player’s motions, and the noise he makes when he moves.

In other words, there is a sound system is in place now, meaning that a player always makes sound, sometimes greater, sometimes lesser. Certain types of enemies can hear you when you make the least sound, while others will be less receptive to your sounds. Footsteps, guns, projectiles, and many other ways can be used for generating sound. Check out the sound detection system here.

The real stealth professional uses the sound to their advantage. Use the sound to distract enemies, or draw enemies out of places to kill them, and then access otherwise inaccessible places (which might have good stuff *spoiler alert!*)

In the next dev blog post, we would be discussing  :

  •        Dead Body Dragging
  •        Disguising
  •        New lighting system
  •        Intractable objects
  •        AI improvements



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