Dev Post 5 : Hacking system

zzzzApologies once again for ruining the reveal schedules. Normal life and a work where we can solely work on the game never seem to mix; nevertheless here is the update on the hacking system as has been promised in Dev Post 3.

The hacking system is a pretty simple one, not overtly complicated like lockpicking systems in traditional RPGs. All you got to do, is get close to a object that can be hacked into (can be cameras, turrets, doors, or security consoles). Depending on your hacking skills, get past security doors, in order to gain access to otherwise unreachable areas. Or turn it on your enemies, and use your hacking skills to turn turrets on enemies in a room you won’t otherwise be able to sneak through or try to clear up manually. Or gain knowledge of the enemies in a room by tapping into the security cameras.

Simplistic, yet it gives rise to otherwise unexpected outcomes, allowing you to make it past places where you won’t be able to make through otherwise.

Check out the hacking system here.


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